S-Board is here!

December 01, 2019 | Joe Yan

S-Board is a modular effect board, it borrows the intuitive workflow from guitar pedals, along with the huge sound-shaping freedom from a eurorack system. You can build your own signal chain by simply drag-and-drop units onto the board. Better yet, S-Board can be controlled by MO-Band! The control sources in S-Motion can be mapped onto any knobs on S-Board with just one click. This paves the way for some truly unique sound design and performance.


S-Board features a minimalistic user interface, there’s nothing more between you and your music. No hidden menus, no double clicks, no complicated hot-keys… just knobs for you to dial. Keep it simple, let your ears and your imagination lead the way.

When you get your hands on S-Board, you’ll soon find out how wild you can shape your sound with it. Most of the knobs on S-Board come with a massive adjustment range. Pitch a drum loop, turns a guitar riff into an ambient pad, make an ever-changing soundscape from a static sample… The possibility is just endless.

S-board is available in VST, VST3, AU and standalone, compatible with both macOS and windows. Currently, there are six effect unit included:

  • S-Delay: A delay that supports varying playback speed and massive feedback. The huge adjustability makes It capable of producing ‘beat repeat’ effect, or granularize your sound, and anything in between. When adjusting time, the playback speed follows, just like a tape machine, this alone can create some crazy effect.

  • Rev.Reverb: A reverb which produces both forward and reversed reverb. The mix between the two is fully adjustable. It’s especially good for creating rich ambient layers.

  • Vo.Coder: A vocoder that comes with carefully designed carriers, and supports real-time carrier switching.

  • Overdrive: An overdrive with natural frequency response, it kills on sub-bass, drum loops, and any percussive sound.

  • Compressor: A compressor that is essential for dynamic control.

  • Filter: A lowpass filter which is essential for controlling the brightness of your sound, or creating some cool wobble effects.

Price: $39.99 (Free with MO-Band)

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