S-Board 2.1 is coming to town - 5 new modules and more!

December 24, 2020 | Rex Wang

Happy holidays everyone! So glad that we are finally waving good-bye to 2020. This year cost all too much for all of us. Luckily, music has never left us, it gives us hope, heals our souls. Let’s kick off 2021 by making more music.

And, we are excited to announce that S-Board 2.1 is released! We have added five new modifiers - EnvFollower, ADSR, Regulator, Dispatcher, and CVWriter. They will take S-Board to another level. Let’s go through them one by one.

New Modules

  1. EnvFollower:

    A super versatile envelope follower, it extracts amplitude envelope and transforms it into CV, great for transient shaping, sidechain filtering, or other program-dependent effects.

  1. ADSR:

    An ADSR Envelope generator with curvature control. Trigger it with another modifier to fine tune the envelope of your sound.

  1. Regulator:

    An all rounder CV processing utility. Dim the voltage, remap the range, invert the direction, quantize the signal. It gets your CV 100% under control.

  1. Dispatcher:

    A simple yet useful CV bus, it dispatches the same input to 4 separate destinations.

  1. CVWriter:

    A powerful tool to write CV into your DAW as automation data. Gives you the freedom to fine-tune the CV, or to control any audio parameters in your project.

Major Improvements

  • Added CV input to dieRoboter’s nasal parameter and formant parameter.
  • Improved GUI rendering performance, 30% less CPU usage.
  • Multiple GUI rendering fixes on Windows.
  • Fixed automation parameter mappings when adding/removing modules.

Price & Availability

EnvFollower is a free upgrade available in both standard and deluxe versions. The reset four new modules are free upgrades to the deluxe version. The pricing for ADSR, Regulator, and CVWriter is $19 each, Dispatcher costs $9. They are also available in the Modifier Pack for $39 (40% off).