S-Board 2.0 - a complete renovation for creativity

December 20, 2020 | Rex Wang

Brand new look, brand new degree of creativity, S-Board just made a huge leap forward, today we are so excited to announce the release of our S-Board 2.0!

What’s new

Almost everything is new in S-Board 2.0. We completely redesigned the user interface in a colorful, analog inspired fashion. The knob labels display actual values when turning, and you can change the value by typing in. The new modules comes with improved DSP algorithms underneath, so they sound even better then their ancestors. Then, there’s the biggest change of them all - the virtual patching system. S-Board 2.0 took inspiration from modular synths, it incorporated the idea of CV (control voltage), now you can modulate with LFOs and virtual patch cables, Eurorack-style!


S-Board 2.0 comes with 7 new modules:

  1. Acousma | Delay/Modulation:

    An analog tape delay. It gives you a wide range of delay time and feedback to dial in. Pair it with a modifier, tons of unusual effects await.

  1. Charger | Harmonic:

    A vacuum tube inspired tone shaper. Saturate your sound for extra color and warmth, or distort it relentlessly. Tweak with caution.

  1. Sweep | Filter:

    A classic ladder filter emulation. Do a nice and warm filter sweep, or pair it with an LFO for unpredictable auto-wah effects.

  1. Pressure | Dynamic:

    A musical and versatile compressor with optional sidechain input. Its soft-knee design and unique gain reduction curve excel at tightening things up and glue things together.

  1. LFO | Modifier:

    A beloved modifier. It acts like a robotic hand tweaking knobs for you following certain patterns. Connect it to a unit, a static sound becomes dynamic.

  1. Gain | Utility:

    A utility for gain staging. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, plug in a modifier to its gain makes it a tremolo, or pan and it becomes an auto panner.

  1. Palette | EQ:

    A colorful EQ module. Its adaptive curves react musically to the cutoff frequencies and the amount of your boost/cut. When pushed hard, its tube amplification stage provides a warm and tube-y saturation instead of digital clipping.

Besides the stock units, there are two additional modules available for purchase:

  1. Bokeh | Bidirectional Reverb:

    Bidirectional (forward & reversed) reverb module capable of creating extra ambient and dynamic. The “vibe” knob cycles through different reverb types, from small plates to lush halls or anything in between.

  2. dieRoboter | Classic 32-Band Vocoder

    classic analog vocoder with 32 filter bands evenly distributed across octaves. Clear and articulated robotic voice is what it does the best.

In Action

Morphing a static synth arp with S-Board. See how far you can go, and how much fun you can get!

Price & Availability

S-Board 2.0 is available now for $79. Bokeh and dieRoboter each are available for $59. A deluxe bundle is also available, includes all 9 modules with a price of $158 (20%off).

Additional note for macOS users: S-Board is compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur, and it runs natively on Apple silicon models.