Classic Robotic Voice | Made for S-Board

Analog 32-band vocoder module



US $59

Must use with S-Board!


Clear, intelligible, musical

Instead of using FFT to analyze the modulator signal like lots of the software vocoders do, which tends to sound muddy and thin, we followed the traditional design which utilizes narrow bandpass filters distributed evenly across the octaves. This results in a clear, fat, musical sound.

Use any carrier from sidechain

By default, dieRoboter uses its built-in noise generator for the carrier signal. But you'll most likely want to use your own carrier such as your favorite synth. To do that, simply route your synth in from the sidechain and flip the second toggle to "sc". It's that simple.

More than the typical robotic sound

Of cause, dieRoboter does the robot thing extremely well, but it's way more versatile than that. Tweak the "nasal" and "format" knob to shape the frequency characteristic, adjust the "attack" and "release" to alter the envelope, layering the vocoded sound on top of the dry input... Endless possibilities to explore.

Comprehensive compatability

S-Motion is compatible with Windows 7 or newer, and macOS 10.13.6 or newer (Big Sur and Apple Silicon supported). It works great with all major DAWs such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Pro Tools, GarageBand, FL Studio, Studio One, and Reaper.

15-day free trial

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