Modular Virtual Effect Pedalboard


Standalone, VST and Audio Unit

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MO-Band's match-made-in-heaven

S-Board can talk with S-Motion directly, so your motion data from MO-Band can be assigned to any of the knobs on S-Board with just one click. From now on, a DAW is no longer a must-have to unleash the power of MO-Band, S-Board can do an even better job.

Awesome effect units

Currently, there are 6 units on S-Board: filter, reverb, delay, vocoder, overdrive, and compressor. Each has its unique character with massive adjustability to shape your sound in a truly creative way. Furthermore, we will keep adding new units to S-Board regularly.

New sound at every tweak

As a virtual pedalboard, S-Board is so simple to use, just snap the units on the grid, and start playing around with the knobs. But unlike its hardware counterpart, S-Board is not about being subtle or tribute to the classic, and it's not guitar-only. It offers an almost unlimited sound-shaping capability, there will always be an original sound every time you turn a knob.

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• Can S-Board be used as a standalone application?
• Can I use S-Board in Ableton Live? How about other DAWs?
• Can I use S-Board on multiple computers at the same time?
• What’s the return policy?