Revolutionary wearable MIDI controller


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  • Fully customizable MIDI compatibility
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Latency down to 1.5ms
  • Hi-Res MIDI Support
  • 8-hour battery life

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How it works


Connect to Computer

Plug MO-Key (Receiver) in your computer (PC/MAC). It transfers the motion data to our S-Motion software, so that your physical hand movements can be used as digital control of your music.


Customize Mapping

Use S-Motion software to change the MIDI mappings such as channel number and CC number. Then choose what effects you'd like to control on your favourite DAW, everything is customizable.



Get ready to experience a new dimension of expressiveness which never exsited before.

Wireless, Yet No Latency

We know how critical it is when it comes to live performance. Any latency will lead to disaster. That's why we developed our own wireless protocol to eliminate it. This protocol has 10x lower latency than Bluetooth LE, yet MO-Band has a range of up to 500 feet. You will not feel any lag no matter where you go, just as good as plug in a cable.

Multiple control at same time

Control with 3 dimensional movements. Use them seperately or combine them together, all up to you.











Versatile and Powerful

Because MO-Band is based on MIDI, it will not only work with your favourite DAW, but also your hardwares. You can use MO-Band to control your synth, drum machine, sequencer, looper, MFX... As long as the gear is compatiable with MIDI.

Still have questions?


Here are some of the most asked questions. If you still have questions or concerns, shoot us an email anytime and we'll get back to you in no time.

• How does MO-Band work?
• What's the latency? Is it responsive?
• Can I use it on macOS? How about on Windows?
• Can I use Ableton Live with MO-Band? How about other DAWs
• I saw you control a filter cutoff in your video, can I control other effects
• Can I adjust the sensitivity?
• Can I use MO-Band without a computer? How can I use it with my hardware effects?
• What’s the return policy?