Our mission is to develop new technology to break limits of music and arts.
We are devoted to making technologies accessible and inspiring to artists around the world.
With our contribution, new artforms will emerge and existing artforms will become more expressive.


Sonic Instruments makes high-quality and innovative products for professional musicians. The company was founded by an agile team of four in 2017 in Atlanta, USA. The four co-founders come from different backgrounds, each with their own skills and niches. Meanwhile, they share one common goal - to empower music and art with technologies.

Sonic Instruments knows exactly what musicians and artists want because they are also musicians themselves. Founder Rex Wang fell in love with music since childhood. He wrote his first song at the age of 13 since then he has been pursuing a professional music career. Till now, Rex has worked as producer/singer-songwriter for 8 years, has one released album and produced commercial music for companies like BMW, VW, and Honda. On the other hand, Rex is always exploring new possibilities in music, and technology opened up his imagination. Now he founded Sonic Instruments, hoping to make technology accessible and inspiring to musicians in the world. Co-founder Alan Liu is an electronic music producer and modular synth guru who accepts nothing short of the most innovative. It was the clarinet which brought him into music when he was 11, but it was really the eurorack that taught Alan how profound music can be. With his solid technical background, Alan even made 2 modules himself. The craving of new sound has always been driving him to develop new technologies. Unlike the other two, the guitar has been the one and only true love of co-founder Joe Yan’s life. He spent most of his teenage years perfecting his guitar skills. On the road of music, B.B.King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tommy Emmanuel are Joe’s guiding stars, they not only led him into music but also brought joy to his life. As music has been with him all along, now Joe decided it’s his turn to dedicate himself and his AI skills to music in return. Co-founder Alicia Jia loves music and believes in the dream. As a multilingual with an international view, she is a true asset to the team. With her sensible understanding of the market, Alicia is no doubt the anchor of the company.

Sonic Instruments will keep innovating to break the limits of arts.